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Meet the Muses: Off The Mat Into The World
Off the Mat Into the World cofounders will present at 2015 Muse Conference

This year’s Muse conference will provide a full circle moment for our team. World Muse started out six years ago as a small program for teen girls in a handful of local schools. Off the Mat Into The World (OTM), an organization committed to bridging the yoga and activist communities, has provided the much needed…

Muse On Mindfulness
Dani Wyeth #museontruth photo

Wow. Your Muse Conference Photo Contest submissions, over 200 and counting, continue to inspire. Last week our prompt was to muse on truth. Shared photos delighted us, gave us pause and made us smile with their inclusion of thoughtful quotes and related experiences. Our gratitude extends to every participant. We’re happy to announce that Dani Wyeth (Instagram user:…

Lauren Fleshman muses with us
Lauren Fleshman muses with us

Lauren Fleshman is a professional runner with Oiselle and cofounder of Picky Bars. She won the 5000 at the U.S. Outdoor Track and Field Championships in 2006 and 2010, and she’s represented the U.S. at the World Championships three times, her best finish (so far) was 7th in the World. Her stated plan on the…

Muse Conference is coming. Time to #museontruth
photophoto credit: Amanda Conde, Muse

Many thanks to everyone participating in our Muse Conference Photo Contest. Your awe-inspiring photo shares (over 100 so far) have made us smile and reminded us to notice the beauty that surrounds us everyday. Our congratulations to Amanda Conde (Instagram user: amandaconde66) the winner of our first Muse On weekly prize, a World Muse |…